Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adib's Birthday Celebration!!!

Event : Adib's Birthday Party
Place : MiCasa All Suite Hotel, KL
Date : 19th February' 2011

Who does not like surprises, especially when it is on one's birthday. The moment when you enter a dark room of your house and are welcomed by a bunch of excited friends who are all present there for your birthday, would surely be a moment filled with happiness and excitement. Birthday surprises not only grant you a chance of seeing that beautiful smile on your loved one's but also makes the birthday boy or girl feel all the more special.

Nothing can make a person feel more special than someone throwing a birthday party. Imagine you have no clue that your friends are planning a birthday surprise for you while they are planning it right UNDER YOUR NOSE!! Everyone did a GREAT JOB especially Adib's girlfriend, Atiqah Adillah. You guys came out with a brilliant idea and it was funny to see Adib's reaction towards the surprise.

Scene 1 : The situation was that Iqa lied to Adib by saying that they were having dinner together and the reservation was at 10pm. Just the two of them without the presence of other people. While on their way to the 'restaurant', suddenly a friend called and says that she's in trouble. She was at some private party in MiCasa All Suite Hotel, KL and had been harassed by some boys there. Since Adib and Iqa was in KL, therefore she asked help from them. She wants Adib to come and fetch her at the hotel as soon as possible. Adib started to feel a bit concerned with his friend cz she was crying and that makes him pissed off at the same time. Once he reached the hotel, he called his friend and ask her to pack all of her belongings and leave the room. He told his friend that he did not want to fetch her at the hotel room cz he afraid that argument between him and the boys might occur. The funny part was that he started to curse and yelling.

Scene 2 : Since Adib did not want to go to our room, so the girl had to meet Adib at the parking lot. While she tried her best to persuade Adib to help her took all her belongings in the hotel room, the remaining of us started to prepare a surprise for him. All of us gathered in the middle of the room and each of us were holding what so called 'party popper'. A few minutes later, Adib came to our room with an angry face and SURPRISEEEEEEE!!! He was quite shocked and speechless. The best moment when we saw his surprised face in front of the door. Trust me, he's totally dropped his jaw on the floor. Sooooooo funny though! Later that, he 'burst' into tear once we sang a birthday song for him. 


Dear Adib;
May all your wishes come true. Many happy return are wish to you. A simple celebration, gathering of friends, here is wishing you great happiness and joys that never ends. I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise. Love loadsssss. Btw, I had so much fun and thanks for inviting me to the surprise birthday party. :')

p/s : Pictures give us thousands of meaning and memories. Enjoy people!!!! 

  She baked this cake for Adib!! Sho shuweeeet. :)

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boyslikegirls said...

wah. alya with the new boy of hers. is it your new bf?

[Applemint] said...

Erkkkk, no lahhhh. He's my good friend. Not my bf. Btw, I still with my old bf. :)

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