Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Real Girl!!!

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If I had one chance to in my life again i wouldn't make no changes. Now or way back when and if everything turns out the way I hope it goes. But I cant wait to find out what it is that God knows and nothing's ever perfect. There's no guarantee and if i knew the answer it would put my mind at ease. So i'll just keep on going. The way i've gone so far and maybe i'll end up trying to catch falling star.

But I don't wanna think about what's gonna come around for me. I'll just take it day by day cause it's the only way to be the best that I can be. I never pretend to be something I'm not. You get what you see, when you see what I've got. We live in the real world, I'm just a REAL GIRL I know exactly where I stand.

And all I can do is be true to myself. I don't need permission from nobody else cause this is the real world, I'm not a little girl and I know exactly who I am. This is who i am and i dont need you to understand cause everything is right where it should be. It won't be long till you know about me. Cause i don't give a DAMN even when i'm out of love. Cause everything just how it should be and it won't be long till you know about me!!!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Me,Myself And I !!

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Omigosh!!! I can never believe that i have a blog now. It never comes out from my mind that i will write something useful in this blog. Maybe this blog will be a medium for me on how to express myself.

Thanks to senorsissy for her BIG INFLUENCE on supporting me to make this blog. [BABE, BECAUSE OF U LA I TERGERAK HATI + BERKOBAR2 + BERSUNGGUH2 UNTUK BWAT MY OWN BLOG]. Thanks sugha!!!! :)

Okay. Continue with our conversation. Well for those who spend a bit of your time 2 drop at my page, let me express my HUGE GRATITUDE 2 u guys. [THANKS KORG N SILA2 LA COMMENT YE!!].

Let me introduce myself. Since i was born, my parent give me with a name as Aliah Syazwani binti Ibrahim. But alya will be a appropriate name 2 call. I have been entitled 2 my name about 21 years ago. Currently i stay in Ampang. I have 4 siblings and i'm the 2nd child + 1st daughters in my average family members. Presently i've been studing in some university. Most people call it as MARA University Of Technology. I've been taking a major in Business Study. How cool is that huh!!! Hahaha. I like 2 eating + drinking + sleeping [krooh krooh] + running + babbling + mumbling + so on.

My main objectives on doing this blog :
* Get a lot of new friends trough worldwide web
* Update u guys with useful informations
* Sharing is caring. Caring is loving!!!
* Na merepek sebanyak yg bole [huhuhu]
* Blaa...bla...blaa... :)

There u go. I think it will be enough for me 2 introduce myself. Kalau korang suke ng blog ni then jd la PEMBACA SETIA alya. Na berkawan ng alya pn dialu2kan. So i will stop writing right now. Any latest news about me + our environtment nt alya post kan kat sini gak.

So see yeah!!! :)