Friday, October 29, 2010

Quote Of The Day!!!

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Your haters are your biggest fans. They talk about you all the time and make you the center of their lives. *laugh out loud* :D


I have an amazing family who loves me, the best of friends, but best of all I have a boyfriend who adores, supports, and loves me in every way possible. :')


When your ex says: "You'll never find someone like me" your supposed turn around and say: "God I sure hope not!" :)


Watch what you say about others. There's always some jealous person just waiting to go running back to tell them what you said with their own twisted version.


Trust is like a piece of paper, once you crinkle it up and unfold it again, it will never be the same.


The best revenge when another girl steels your boyfriend, is let her keep him :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sands, Beaches And Sunnies!!!

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Event : Trip To Phi Phi Island, Thailand
Date : 15th - 18th 0ctober' 2010

Last Friday, I went to Thailand for a holiday with my beloved society members. We spent our day there about 4 days & 3 night. Thailand is an awesome place to go for holiday. The beach is nice, the people is friendly, the stuff is cheap and a lot. I had so much fun there. Gonna plan to visit that place again with my girls. Looking forward to that. I'm gonna stay at the same hotel since I'm very satisfied with the services that they provided for us. :)

15th October : 
We arrived at Krabi International Airport and heading to Aonang All Seasons Beach Resort around 3pm. After check-in, we took some sunset pictures at the beach in front of our resort. Around 6, we dinner and then took off to Thai Boxing Stadium to watch Muay Thai. I really had fun watching Muay Thai.

16th October :
That day were the day where we went for snorkeling at 6 different places. First pitt stop, we went to Monkey Bay. We also go to Maya Bay where the film of "THE BEACH" was located. From Maya Bay, we went to Loh Samah Bay and enjoyed snorkeling there. We also visit the fantastic lagoon at Peleh Bay. We also enjoyed photography and sightseeing at the historical cave name Viking Cave. Later that, we went to Phi Phi Don Island for lunch and do some shopping there. Last but not least, we went back to hotel to enjoyed dinner with Thai Style Food.

17th October :
During our second last day at Thailand, we went for an elephant trekking to visit the fantastic forest. I can't remember what is the name of my elephant. But what can I say, she is so beautiful. I even fed my elephant. Later that, we heading to visit the most beautiful temple in Krabi Town called Ko Ra Wa Ra Ram Temple (Tiger Cave Temple).Only 10 people out of 24 people in our group who willing to climb about 1300 steps to reach the temple that located on the top. I'm proudly to say that I'm included in the 10 people. It was exhausting and tiring, but it was worth it. On the evening, we went to Krabi Town to enjoy shopping at Krabi Walking Street.

18th October :
Nothing much we did on our last day in Thailand. Some of us went to Aonang town to do some shopping while the rest stayed and relaxing at the hotel. We arrived at Kuala Lumpur from Thailand around 4.30pm.