Monday, August 11, 2014

Alhamdulillah. I AM ENGAGED!!!


Despite all the hurdles a day before engagement and on the day itself, but in the end everything went well. Today, I am proud to call myself as his fiancée and call him as my fiancé. A greatest appreciation to all family, relatives and friends who indirectly or directly involved in our engagement preparation from beginning till the end of the ceremony.

Dear Mr. Fiancé,

I love you as much as I love my family and your family. I respect you as much as I respect my family and your family. Yes, you help me a lot. You do a lot of things for me. You sacrifice everything for me. Above it all, you become my biggest protector and shield for me.

Obstacles and difficulties in our relationship is something unavoidable. But then how we face it and handle it, that is what we cherish the most.

I am very thankful and grateful for what you gave to me and had done for me. Not even once in my life I don't feel appreciate for what I have now.

I love you so dearly my fiancé. We've been through the hurdles not once or twice, but plenty of time. And I believe we can go through another difficulty that we can overcome. May Allah SWT protect our relationship till Jannah. In shaa Allah.

Thank you!!

Mini Dais & Candy Buffet : Bridal and All
MUA : Mariza Azman
Photo By : Hairi Zin & Farreed Sahar
Official Photographer : FS Studio Production

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