Friday, October 29, 2010

Quote Of The Day!!!

Your haters are your biggest fans. They talk about you all the time and make you the center of their lives. *laugh out loud* :D


I have an amazing family who loves me, the best of friends, but best of all I have a boyfriend who adores, supports, and loves me in every way possible. :')


When your ex says: "You'll never find someone like me" your supposed turn around and say: "God I sure hope not!" :)


Watch what you say about others. There's always some jealous person just waiting to go running back to tell them what you said with their own twisted version.


Trust is like a piece of paper, once you crinkle it up and unfold it again, it will never be the same.


The best revenge when another girl steels your boyfriend, is let her keep him :)

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