Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hey Mr. Photographer, All The Best To You!!!

You are a good photographer. Honestly, I have strong belief that one day you will become a successful and outstanding photographer. Who says being a photographer is not a good profession & will not guarantee your future? Who says photography will not give you any profit? With photography, you will make a lot of money. Trust me, you will! Photography and photographer is very important in our normal daily life. Especially nowadays cz all people needs your services. 

Who cares what people say or think about being a photographer as your profession, you will not have a brighter future. Nobody cares. If they think that way, they are so close minded person and pessimistic. They know nothing about photography cz they never tried to understand it and yet they complaining about it. They have no inspiration in life, and worst, they only know how to judge people. The only thing they always do, JUDGING!

But what matter the most is that your determination and passion towards photography. Your love towards arts and anything relates to that. If you have that POWER OF WILL, insya-Allah everything will be just fine. All you need is not to be afraid and have strong faith. Who knows that one day you will have your own studio, your own equipments and your own workers. Insya-Allah. That time, you will gain respectful from others.

For now, you just need to learn more, don't be so cocky to share knowledge with people, show some effort and work harder. Not only that, you also need to be confident with your works & appreciate it like others people do. Cz your pieces are so nice and beautiful. Honestly, you don't need that negative vibe cz it will tear you down. Look forward, be optimistic and always think positive no matter what.

I know I won't have the chances to share your happiness when you finally achieved your target in the future. But I just want you to know that, what ever it is I will support  you, encourage you and always be there whenever you need my advices. All I want you to do is to pursue your passion and never give up until you achieve it. :)

p/s : So good luck with that okay!! 

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Zulfahmi Abidin said...

you forgot to tag him and good luck to him too.^_^

Mademoiselle Aliah said...

Well, I don't think it's necessary to tag him tho!
By the way, thanks for the wish. :)

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