Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Mixed Feeling of Getting Married, It Is All WORTH IT!!!


There's a lot of anticipation and anxiety while planning a wedding, but this anxiety is maximum for us, bride and groom to-be. Nothing compares to our level of excitement, nervousness and happiness on our special day and this flood of countless emotions start right from the day our wedding is fixed.

The mixed feeling of being both, nervous and happy when we realize we will be getting married. The wedding is fixed, the dates are set and we can't stop smiling about it. We just eagerly wait for the day.

Suddenly our family and us have so much plan for the shopping, the invitations, the venue, etc. and we want everything to be just PERFECT. Family and friends from all over start pouring in to join us in our moment of joy. And we can't help but feel happy that all our loved ones are around is to share our happiness.

The flow of happy hug and congratulating doesn't stop. And everybody keep asking the same questions about how the wedding preparations going on. Suddenly it sinks in that we will not be a bachelor anymore. And our friends obviously want the bachelor party that they have been planning for ages.

Being the centre of attention makes us nervous but also makes us think of approaching wedding day. And everybody wants to know how we are feeling. The apprehension of starting a new life with new person is always there.

We start worrying about how we are going to cope with new family in-laws. And also about how well our parents get along, because we want our parents to be happy with our decision as well. As the wedding day closes in, we start getting cold feet. Did we make the right decision? Did we doing the right thing?

Finding our family and friends around to comfort us and calm us down overwhelms us. And it is moment when we realize we would be lost without them. We are still scared of something silly happening before our wedding. What if is starts raining?

And we are scared of how we will cope with the long tiring process of wedding. Nope. I can't. Yes. I can. Nope. Yes. On the wedding day, our heart beats faster than a hummingbird's wings, because we are so so so nervous. And every time we look in the mirror, we give ourselves a nervous smile.

But when we finally see our life-partner to-be, all our fears vanish and we glow with happiness. And that's when we know, everything has and will turn out fabulous. Everything is going perfect and the fact that we have our parents' blessings for this just makes us happier.

Marriage is magic that takes two people to create and lasts a lifetime. May this marriage is protected by Allah SWT and be long lasting until Jannah. In shaa Allah. 

Aliah Syazwani binti Ibrahim

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