Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Me,Myself And I !!

Omigosh!!! I can never believe that i have a blog now. It never comes out from my mind that i will write something useful in this blog. Maybe this blog will be a medium for me on how to express myself.

Thanks to senorsissy for her BIG INFLUENCE on supporting me to make this blog. [BABE, BECAUSE OF U LA I TERGERAK HATI + BERKOBAR2 + BERSUNGGUH2 UNTUK BWAT MY OWN BLOG]. Thanks sugha!!!! :)

Okay. Continue with our conversation. Well for those who spend a bit of your time 2 drop at my page, let me express my HUGE GRATITUDE 2 u guys. [THANKS KORG N SILA2 LA COMMENT YE!!].

Let me introduce myself. Since i was born, my parent give me with a name as Aliah Syazwani binti Ibrahim. But alya will be a appropriate name 2 call. I have been entitled 2 my name about 21 years ago. Currently i stay in Ampang. I have 4 siblings and i'm the 2nd child + 1st daughters in my average family members. Presently i've been studing in some university. Most people call it as MARA University Of Technology. I've been taking a major in Business Study. How cool is that huh!!! Hahaha. I like 2 eating + drinking + sleeping [krooh krooh] + running + babbling + mumbling + so on.

My main objectives on doing this blog :
* Get a lot of new friends trough worldwide web
* Update u guys with useful informations
* Sharing is caring. Caring is loving!!!
* Na merepek sebanyak yg bole [huhuhu]
* Blaa...bla...blaa... :)

There u go. I think it will be enough for me 2 introduce myself. Kalau korang suke ng blog ni then jd la PEMBACA SETIA alya. Na berkawan ng alya pn dialu2kan. So i will stop writing right now. Any latest news about me + our environtment nt alya post kan kat sini gak.

So see yeah!!! :)

2 Apples:

Senor Sissy said...

[krooh krooh] < terbaik!


[Applemint] said...

thanks sya...
it just came out from my mind just like that!!!


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