Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My New Year's Resolution!!!

I will study smart during my degree & get a good result.
I will be a good daughter, loyal girlfriend & supportive friend.
I will start to plan for my future sake.
I will start to save my money more.
I will try to reduce my shopping addicted.
I will try to become a better person that mom & dad can be proud of.
I will want to decorate my room so that my room will have a new look.
I will have a better life & healthier in the future.
I will start to eat a lot & DRINK A LOT OF PLAIN WATER. Since I don't like it so much!!!
I will travel to a lot of places as long as I can afford it.
I will make a lot of new friends. A REAL ONE!!!
I will become someone that other people will think twice before they want to take any advantage to me or do something bad to me.
I will become a stronger person.
I will try to do something different or something that new to me.

This is my to-do-lists!!! How about you???


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