Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Semester! Campus Life! Citizen Of Shah Alam!!!

Hohoho! Finally, here I am. Pursue my degree in MARA University of Technology, Shah Alam. Everything in Shah Alam is great. The environment, new friends, new home, new experiences & more. Plus there is a lot of food stalls that I can go. Sgt banyak okay!!!! I live in Commercial Center that really near to my campus. Even my house is nearer to campus, but yet it still far from my Business Faculty. So every morning, after park the car I will have to take a bus to go to my faculty.

OWH YAAA!!! Did I mention that I have an AWESOMENESS house mates + room mates??? At first I was so scared to meet new peoples especially people that I don't really know much. I was thinking that I can never mix with them. But my thought was totally wrong. THEY ARE CRAZY PEEPS + EASY TO MIX WITH!!! I'm very comfortable with them [wanie, itik, bulat, nuwai, shu & biha].

When come to a new place, I've made a promise to myself. To be someone that mama & baba can be proud of. No more hanky panky. Study to get a good result is my main objective. No more troublemaker title for me. I will try to be a good person. I'm willing to try hard to get that good impression in new place. Insyaallah!


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