Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breakfast With The Family!!!

 Date : 15th May' 2011
Venue : Meisan Restaurant, Qulaity Hotel KL

Slept at 3.30 am, but been woke up by my mom around 8.00 am. Goshhh, woke up early on Sunday just to go for breakfast with the family. But it doesn't matter at all cz Sunday is family time. Since Erra will be going for Matriculation school and Izzat will start his new semester within a few days left, so we decided to go for breakfast together with the whole family.

This was my first trial of eating dim sum. To be exact, my brother craving for it actually. So far dim sum was okay, but then I won't consider it as my favorite dishes. I'm not a type of girl who really adventurous in trying new food. So basically I didn't ate a lot except the deserts and red bean pau (my favorite among all). But not to worry, at least I have the experienced of eating dim sum. 

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