Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lunch @ Italiannies & Movie Time!!!

Date : 14th May' 2011
Venue : One Utama

Last Saturday, we went to One Utama just to have our lunch. We had our lunch at Italiannies. The foods were nice and in a big portion. So basically, none of us finished our food. Such a waste right. More surprisingly, my brother, the one who usually eats a lot, for the first time he can't managed to finished his food. Well, that's kinda funny tho for us.

Later that, we went for a movie. We watch Priest and if you ask my opinion, I will say that movie was okay. It was fun to watch since it's a supernatural action movie. This movie is more about a battle between humanity and vampire. The film is actually based on Korean comic if I'm not mistaken. So people, see for yourself since it's worth it to watch. ;)


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