Sunday, December 18, 2011

Can't Smile Without You!!!

Hey there, well I'm back after a several months of break from blogging. How I miss to write and talk about what I've been doing lately tho! Well so far Alhamdulillah, I'm doing good here. Perfectly great now. So today I would like to talk about some one who practically is my best friend, soul mate and my love one, Ahmad Ridhwan.

Have you ever think that, one fine day, you will feel the true connection with one person that you will love forever?? Well, when you do feel that magic, NEVER EVER LET GO! Once in a lifetime you find someone who comes into your life. Make each and everyday count and never question the DIVINE conspiracy that brought them to you. That what I feel right now. There is this one wonderful guy in my life, who I love with all my heart, who takes my breath away, who makes me smile even tho I'm crying, he is sweet, funny, honest, and sexy, BUT the best part of it all, HE'S MINE, there is this guy, and this guy is HIM.

I enjoy the tingle that goes down my spine when he point me out in front of his friends and say, "That's her. That's my girlfriend". :') No one will ever understand why I like him, because they don't know what it's like to be in his arms & be happy. They're just not ME. When I'm having the worst day in the world he always seem to make me smile. So do I. I want to be what makes him happy. Nothing else. I admit that I'm falling in love with an amazing man. Can't wait to see what our future holds. Insya-Allah. :)


You use me as an arm rest because I'm so much shorter than you, but when we sit down with each other, you put your arms around me like you never want to let go. I love the the way you laugh, I love the way you smile, I love when I look into those warm brown eyes and I love everything about you. BUT most important thing is that I love the way you look at me, I love the way you hug & kiss me perfectly, I love how you hold my hand just the way I like it, I love the way you made me smile, blush and made me laugh and above it all I LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE ME!!

I have the most amazing, perfect and totally awesome boyfriend in the world, and I couldn't be happier. It doesn't matter what other people think, I don't care what my friends say, I will always love you. I may not be the perfect for some people but I'm the best for those who deserve me. It's weird tho. A room with a MILLION people in it, and my heart say it will be you. You cross my mind more than I see your face, I pray for you more than you may hear my voice, I miss you more than you think and I love you more than you know. 

p/s : I woke up today smiling as I remember I have you in my life, and I hope many years from now I would still wake up smiling for the same reason. *mydell* 

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