Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!


Venue : Souled Out Ampang
Date : 24th December' 2011 

I really had a nice dinner date together. I'm so happy because finally I've met them. By the way Aliaa, sorry for the late birthday present. There's nothing much I can give to you, but I just hope that you really really like the present that we bought for you. And yes I'm glad when you say you love it very much. Phewww!! Such a relieved though. I do hope you enjoyed the tiny meenie miny moo celebration for you. I will feel very happy to see you are happy.

Supposedly I want to make it a bit special tonight. I'm thinking of buying a small cake, birthday balloon and a birthday sach for you. But due to time constraint and massive traffic jammed, I can't managed to do so. But it's okay, there will always be next time. And next time, I will make sure that I'll prepare everything for the celebration. Thank you so much to Farhan and sayang for coming. I know this is some sort of my own planning for the dinner, but I'm happy because both of you managed to come especially sayang who came all the way from Seremban. Thank you soooooo much.

p/s : Thank you so much Aliaa for being such a great friend of mine. During my difficult time, you always be there. And yes sometimes we do face some argument and conflict with one another, but I'm glad you always be there for me to support me. 

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