Sunday, April 5, 2009

Manchester Here I Come!!!

Sigh!!! Yesterday my parent already flighted to Manchester. They will not be around about a month. They went to KLIA early in the morning around 9 am. At that time i was struggling answering my Finance test. I was sooooo sad because i did't had the chance to send my parent to the airport. They went to KLIA accompanied by my brother.

But what makes me felt very happy when my mom called me to say :

Mama : Hello alya! How are you there? Anyway mama n baba is boarding now. I hope u take a good care of urself. Don't be such a naughty girl. If u need money u may ask it from ur brother. I already gave it 2 him.
Me : I'm fine. Owh. Okay mama. Do take care of urself as well. I'm gonna miss u. Have fun there yeah!!! When u come back pls buy me a lot of sourveniers. Do send my regard to dad too.
Mama : Okay. Will do.
Me : Hm. Okay. Anyway mama i got a test at 8 am. Now i feel very exhausted since i don't sleep at all last night. I think i had a physical fatigue.
Mama : Owh. Okay. Good luck with ur test. Do ur best. Go get some rest & don't feel so stress okay. Okay sayang! I got 2 go now. Love yeah!!!  Assalamualaikum.
Me : Okay mama. Have a safe journey. I'm gonna miss u. Be back soon. Love u too!!! Mwahx. Waalaikummussalam.

[Tuttt... End of discussion!!!]

Huhuhu! BE BACK SOON mama & baba!!!


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intanq said...

beshnyer parent u pegi u.k!!...aunt dun forget ma souvenir oso okey?!...heeeee ^_^

[Applemint] said...

kalau alya dpt follow kan sis...


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